InSynergy is proud to announce that, in keeping to popular demand from the trade, and in keeping with its motto,‘YOUR EXPECTION, OUR INSPIRATION’ has added a new service of Express Door-To-Door services for both import and Export cargo. InSynergy, in partnership with one of the world’s leading Express Cargo Company, provides its clients with import and export courier service for your documents, samples or other general cargo. This product is generally very much suitable for moving documents and small weight, small value cargo or samples from/to any place in the world. This new product of InSynergy has the unique advantage of speed of express cargo along with reliability, dependability and expertise of InSynergy customs clearance, in both import and export shipments. In other words, we take the best of both worlds and combine the same to provide our customers with unmatched service delivery and the lowest possible cost. This unique product is best suited for your urgent documents and sample shipments, however can also be used for fairly large shipments under certain circumstances which creates cost advantage. Generally when you use the courier company directly, and should you require some clarification, the only people who you speak to will be the ‘Call Center Executives’,

who have limited knowledge of the subject and can at best annoy you with unreliable assurances! In our case, however; you will not be required interact with the annoying call center executives and we will attend to your needs and requirements and should it require, we will interact with the highest level of operations staff at our partners premise. For using this product, all you need to do is, sign up a contract with us and share your KYC documents once. Then, the next time you need to ship or pick up a consignment to/from anywhere in the world, just contact your SPOC assigned, and provide the required details and he/she will do the rest. InSynergy assures you all this comfort at your home/office. Now you can relax and handle your core business without bothering with the nitty-gritty’s of coordinating step by step, all the way, while you are paying for the same too. InSynergy handles the same on your behalf and ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips at all times night and day, or while you are on the move. InSynergy ‘Go Live’, our revolutionary mobile application integrates all your commercial cargo and express cargo shipments, and you don’t need to visit and bother yourself, hunting at various websites and trying to figure-out where to look. It’s all in your hand and at your fingertips 24x7. Express Cargo